For the Users

Our expert team in BoostBOM with a different backgrounds in a verity of industries are very well understood how the quality of a management tool is important and significant for the professionals. In today's highly competitive and fairly tough market, every second and every single decision can be a game changing point. Hence it is a big responsibility for us to provide the most efficient and productive platform which not only is capable of handling a significant portion of your business work load, but also empowering you to predict the market and make wiser decisions. We are honoured to present many of our features in a free of charge subscription. Our team in BoosBOM would appreciate your trust and see this as their responsibility to provide and upgrade a reliable product based on the market's daily demand.

For the Suppliers

BoostBOM is honored to present a free of charge subscription fee for the suppliers and vendors. You can easily and in a very user-friendly and professional platform present your product and services. The BoostBOM intelligence will suggest your products/services to the right potential customers and make the most efficient advertising. We are pleased to inform that this service is all for FREE, your welcome! Then our dynamic pricing would be according to the efficiency of our platform in growing your business. Simply speaking, you will not be charged for nothing, although you are still using our platform for advertising of your products/services. How fair a deal can be!

The pricing would be variable based on your monthly transactions according to the following chart. The date of your subscription is the starting date for calculation of your monthly transactions.

Transactions USD Fee USD
Up to 500 Free of charge
Then Only 1% of monthly transactions
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